Shop Fitting Process – How we will build your shop

Here at Premier Contracts we have a specific process we follow in our shop fitting procedure to ensure the highest quality standards for our work and your shop. What is this process?

Stick around and we’ll share it with you.

Shop Fitting Procedures

Everything we do in our shop fitting is split into three easy to understand but distinct processes: Design, Manufacture and Installation. We’re going to bring you through and explain exactly what we do in each stage, how we do it and why it’s so important to us. So you can understand why it should be important to you.

Shop Fitting – The Design Process

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The shop fitting design process is paramount to the overall project. It is the foundation on which the entire enterprise rests. Here at Premier Contracts, we believe that shop design is the most important part of what we do.

Why is Shop Design so important?

Excellent design is what exemplifies professionals who are dedicated to their craft. The difficulty in building a home isn’t in the laying of the foundations or the floors – it’s in the design crafted by the architect to best suit the budget and conditions of the new home.
Shop Fitting design is no different. At the end of the day, what is a shop? Four walls and some shelves. Yet, what those walls show and where those shelves are placed have a huge impact on customer satisfaction. Keeping your store well lit, spacious and warm may seem trivial or obvious, but it’s surprising how often even these basics are forgotten. Especially among newer stores that are overburdened with stock or need to fit into smaller spaces.

For example, many customers would feel comfortable walking into a well-lit store with offers on display and an obvious sales counter in view.

IMG_1050 (small)

However, a dark store without an obvious layout can leave customers confused. Add some clutter and people may simply walk out. It’s possible for your store to lose valuable footfall this way and it’s caused by avoidable design flaws. For example:

Poor Shop Fitting design

There is a huge difference in the visibility and professionalism of both shop fittings. Here at Premier Contracts we can ensure you’re on the right side of that difference.

How do we design?

We know a lot of tips and tricks, large and small, here at Premier Contracts. We have worked with a variety of brands – from single shop fittings for local businesses to all-Ireland installations for corporate multi-nationals. So the first part of any shop fitting design project needs to be setting out what the client needs.

By sitting you down with our designers we can draw up plans that suit your business. Ensuring that the basics are taken care of is always goal number one and we can lead you through shop fitting best practice to quickly and efficiently take care of the essentials we’ve hinted at throughout this article – lighting, heating and product placement.

Once these fundamentals are laid out we can move on to the more personalised and complex design of your store. Where do you want customers to engage with your staff? Are you located in a shopping centre or on the high street? How much stock do you need to show at once? All of these decisions have problems associated with them, yet they also offer solutions – high street stores can have higher footfall than those in a shopping centre, but shopping centre stores have an easier time of attracting new individuals who are out and about picking up groceries or other items because they can design more open floor plans:

Store Layout Small

Here at Premier Contracts every detail is taken into account. Why? It pays off, always. If you’re looking for more information about our design process, click here.

Shop Fitting – The Manufacturing Process

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With the store designed, Premier Contracts can set out on getting everything built for the shop fitting. We build virtually everything ourselves, only outsourcing for branded products such as computers. This is done so we can allow ourselves a lot of freedom in the design process. Need a display stand to fit into a tight space or want a curved sales counter? No problem. Our carpenters can build it in our factory. This freedom is necessary for top class shop fitting, a store needs to look it best for customers to feel happy spending money and Here at Premier, we understand that.

After we finish design, we’ll get a timeline for everything that we need built or ordered in. This process is completed in-house and we take care of as much of this as possible to allow you to continue focusing on your business needs. When everything is ready, we begin the shop fitting installation.

Shop Fitting – The Installation Process

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The shop fitting installation process takes ideas from the design stage, the builds from the manufacturing stage and puts them into practice. From renovating existing areas to building new stud walls. The bulk of the physical work is involved in the installation process. At this stage everything should be decided so that the shop fitting can be completed as quickly as possible. Our teams often put in 12-hour days or more during shop fittings so you can get your business up and running as soon as possible.

Premier Contracts will take a completely empty space and transform it to your store quickly and efficiently, sometimes in even less than a week. We’re committed to getting the job done in your timeline and on your budget. For an example of our work please watch the time-lapse video below of our installation process, or read our more in-depth article on our shop Fitting Installation Process.