The Carphone Warehouse, Tralee – Shop Fitting

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Shop Fit out – The Carphone Warehouse

Here we have an example of a shop fit out for the Carphone Warehouse store in Tralee. The pictures above are an example of the finished store, but if you would like to go through the entire process of the shop fit out, read on. We’ll go through how we designed, built and installed the entire store.

Shop Fit Out – Design

This shop needed a bespoke design. The space was too narrow for a traditional sales counter, so Premier Contracts facilitated this by utilising “side counters”. This allowed the store to maintain an open clear space down the centre whilst giving plenty of room to the sales staff dealing with customers. With small, individual sales counters on one side of the store and products and display ranges on the other, Premier Contracts feel that we’ve created an open, comfortable and dynamic space that allows both customers to browse and staff to work, without compromising each other.

Shop Fit Out – Build

Once the side counter idea was agreed upon building the store was honestly quite easy. There were no unique or difficult items that needed construction. The carpenters here at Premier Contracts we’re more than capable of constructing the display stands and shop counters needed for this shop fitting.

Shop Fit Out – Installation

After the store was designed and all of the display stands built, Premier Contracts were able to quickly install the store. From the surrounding stud walls, to the electrical set up and even fitting the flooring, the installation process took around a week to complete, with most of the team putting in long 12-14 hour days. Here at Premier Contracts we understand the need to fit a job on-time and on-budget. If you would like to know more about how we fit our stores simply click here.